Extensions By Carline

  A Statment of Style An Affirmation of Beauty 



So now that you know the basics of weave, lets discuss why you SHOULD consider a weave.

Reason #1: The Variety.

Weave comes in all different shades and lengths. Also, the hair comes from different types of donors of many different races and ethnicities. Can you instantly grow Indian, European, Brazilian, etc. hair? Didn't think so.

Reason #2: Quick & Easy.

Imagine how long it would take for you to grow your own hair to the length that you want. Now, imagine going to your trusted stylist, sitting in a chair for a few hours or less, and walking out with the length of hair you've always desired. Your choice.

Reason #3: Durable.

It is very possible and very realistic to be able to have your weave in for up to 3 months and depending on how well you maintain it, your weave can still look just as fabulous as it did the day you got it.

Reason #4: Give your natural hair a break!

Blow Drying. Straightening. Curling. Your hair sees a lot of heat through the week-month-year. Give it a rest without sacrificing your good looks. Get weave!

Reason #5: Yourself!

It's YOUR hair. You have the power to look glamorous and turn heads where ever you go. You've been dying to have fabulous hair. Do what makes YOU happy.