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Weaves get a bad rep for the damage they can cause. But if you properly care for your hair underneath,

weaves can be a great way to add fullness and length, change up your look or give your natural hair a break from styling.

 Following these simple tips at home will help you minimize damage and optimize growth!



Condition! Condition! Condition!
It’s crucial that you deep condition your hair before attaching a weave. Apply a product like Organic Root Stimulator Olive Oil Replenishing Pak to damp hair then sit under a hooded dryer wearing a plastic cap for 20 minutes. No hooded dryer? No problem. Leave the conditioner in for 45 minutes to 1 hour with just the plastic cap. Then rinse. We offer this Service at the salon to ensure that you get the best results. So just ask.


Washing The Extensions
Because of the build-up that occurs between the tracks and under the braids from shampoo and conditioner, I do not recommend a fully soaked wash. Also with my years of experience, I can tell you that your natural hair underneath no matter how long you sit under the hair drier, never dries properly, causing your hair to have a stench when extensions are later removed. In addition, the constant rubbing and friction caused while shampooing and rinsing causes your natural hair to become tangled from the roots. This causes more breakage to your natural hair when you now have to detangle this matted hair that you have not touched in over 2 months. There is a technique called the dry wash or dry clean.  It is a three step process that cleans, conditions, and moisturizes your scalp, carefully maneuvering between tracks and under the braids without a full soak. Then we go to the next process to clean the extentions with shampoo and conditioner Saturate each section then massaging the products into the hair as you would your natural hair. We then rinse section by section, loosely wrapping it back up in a knot when moving onto the next section. When all product is removed you sit under a hooded dryer so that the extension hair can thoroughly dry. This is all done without a full soak which protects your natural hair underneath. You should also make sure you do not skip regular tightening touch-ups, which should be done at least every 2 weeks.


Detangling The Hair
Depending on the brand and the quality of hair, some extensions may tangle or shed more than others. Especially in the nape area. This is because of the friction caused by the hair resting on the back of your neck. To detangle excessive tangles, part your weave into four quadrants. Create loose knots and secure with clips to reduce tangling. Use a spray bottle to lightly mist the extensions. Use a wide-tooth comb to detangle section by section starting from your ends gradually moving up to the nape. For moderate tangles you can get away with just finger combing your tresses. Just run your fingers through your hair throughout the day. This will be less stress on the extensions which reduces the chance of excessive tangling and shedding.


Night Time Care
The #1 rule I always tell clients: DO NOT SLEEP ON THE HAIR at night! It is extremely important that you wrap the hair in a sleeping cap, head tie, scarf, durag, stocking cap, anything. Anything is better than nothing before you lay down at night. Sleeping on your tresses will cause excessive tangling and shedding. The hair will begin to look trashy no matter what the quality. If you are wearing a straight weave you should wrap the hair before tying it up. If you have manufactured curls most likely you're safe to just throw your hair in a bonnet. That’s because the curls were made to stay that way if over time you start to lose some of your curls you can use flexi rods or rollers. For non manufactured curls, meaning your extension was straight or wavy when you bought it, but we added some curls to it at the salon using an iron, you can section off  the hair finger roll each section then use a bobby pin to hold the curl in place. Use of cotton pillowcases and sheets may adversely affect the shine of your hair so it's better to use a silk or satin scarf  or bonnet to wrap up your hair. Clients always tell me..." I tried to put the bonnet on but it fell off during the night. Well here's a trick that sometimes works:

  • 1st put on a hair net to hold your style in place
  • 2nd put on scarf, bonnet, or du-rag

This should work unless you are a really wild sleeper. But, try your best because I want you to look your best after all that hard work!











Don’t Use Excessive Heat
Steer clear of curling and flat irons on a regular basis. Bantu knots or jumbo braids at night can create beautiful curls and waves in the morning. Just lightly finger-comb. The less you manipulate your weave, the less stress you’re applying to the hair.


Oil Your Edges and Scalp
Rosemary herb combined with an oil, like jojoba or almond can condition hair and stimulate growth. Mix in a squirt bottle so that you can direct the oil to your scalp and avoid the contact with your weave. Try Aura Cacia 100% Pure Essential Oil.


Product Do's and Don'ts

Dirt, sweat, styling products and natural oils are some of the ingredients that interfere with clean hair condition. To keep the hair clean you should avoid excessive use of styling products. Products with heavy oils attract dirt to the hair which has shown to shorten the longevity of hair extensions. If the hair becomes dry just lightly spray a light oil sheen on the hair and put on a silk bonnet this should restore the shine back into the hair. You should not use gels, creams, or excessive mouse, over time they will damage the hair.


Daily Activities
If you are on a seaside and wish to swim, either use a swim cap or saturate and rinse the hair by applying a cream rinse before plunging in.

If you exercise on a daily basis, Wrap your hair before exercising or put it up in a high pony tail this will help the hair stay off your back for your comfort, and will keep the hair from getting saturated in sweat. After exercising and shower put your hair back out so it can properly air dry. Those who exercise on a regular basis may require to get a "Dry Clean" at least every 2 weeks.

Take A Break
Giving your hair a rest from weaves doesn’t necessarily mean your locks have to go from long and curly to cropped and relaxed overnight. If you want to keep up one consistent look even in between weaves, try faux ponies or half-wigs. A few of my faves: Milky Way Human Hair Weave Master Ponytail – French Super (Black Hairspray, $20.99), Outre “Polly” Quick Weave, $15.99 and Shake N Go Freetress Afro Drawstring Ponytail (Amazon, $9.98). Or be creative with your natural hair wether it's relaxed or not. Your strands will thank you later! Use this time to Deep-Condition your natural hair and don't for get to get your dead ends trimed before your next install.




Visit our Photo Gallery for more ideas on styling your hair in between installs.