Extensions By Carline

  A Statment of Style An Affirmation of Beauty 


Before we do any work on you, we want to learn who you are, and what you really want from your hair. We’ll spend as much time talking to you as we need to really understand your essence.


Our salon is not a “factory”. You will never feel rushed, brushed aside, or like you don’t matter here. In fact, after one or two visits you’ll probably feel like family. It happens all the time.


Just about everyone who comes to our salon leaves happier than when they came. But if for any reason you’re unsatisfied with your hair, call us and book a free follow-up appointment within 7 days. We’ll do whatever we can to put a smile on your face, and make you fall in love with your hair.


  • E.B.C.  Aims to please all of our clients. Therefore, in any event that you are unsatisfied with the services provided, please inform stylist or check out personnel before leaving. Due to the nature of our business we will try to work with you and gladly resolve any problems within reasonable time. Sorry there are no cash refunds on our services or products. Prices are subject to change.
    • E.B.C. works with an express technique. This means that we offer a quick service for affordable prices. In order to offer you these prices, we are working with a double tracking technique instead of single tracking. You will still have the same result! If you insist on single tracking, we will charge extra. The stylist will let you know what the extra charge is. There is an extra charge for using one pack of hair, using more than two packs of hair, single tracking, splitting tracks and re-using hair. The stylist will inform you of any extra charges.
    • You must maintain your hair in order to get the longest wear out of it. The Weave Retouch service is available and is recommended every two to three weeks to properly care for your natural hair and weave. Proper maintenance will increase the life of your weave but should be removed after 3 months.
    • E.B.C. does NOT provide hair. You must bring two packs of 100% human hair and you must arrive with your hair washed; free of dirt and oil and blow dried. Under the stylist's discretion, we might advise you to have your hair shampooed at our salon for an extra charge, if it does not meet our standards.
    • Due to sensitivity, allergic reactions, wear and tear and extensive maintenance that may occur using synthetic hair E.B.C. recommends 100% human hair. E.B.C.  will not be responsible for sensitivity, allergic reactions or wear and tear caused by hair extensions.  We do not sell hair but may assist to recommend.
    • E.B.C. is not responsible for sensitive scalp, tenderness, abrasions or sores due to braids, weaving process or chemical services. If in any event you feel discomfort tightness or sensitivity to scalp during the application process you must notify your stylist immediately. It is normal to feel moderate tightness after installing a weave, but severe tightness, discomfort, burning sensation or severe pain is uncommon and could result in bald spots and hair loss and you must return immediately for removal.
    • We are not responsible for hair loss due to a weave that has been taken out or re-styled outside of E.B.C. We recommend that you have this service done professionally at our shop.
    • We love to show off our work. And may request before and after pictures of services rendered to you. E.B.C. reserves all rights to images taken.
    • Clients with health issues should not be left without supervision. You need to notify our staff of any medical conditions that can affect your service.
    • You will need to leave a deposit of $20 when you are braided and you want to leave the shop.
    • Due to high customer volume, we ask that our lobby be reserved for those waiting for a service. If you are not being serviced you should wait in the lobby, it is prohibited to wait in the styling chairs.
    • If you are under the age of 18, you must be accompanied with a parent or legal guardian to approve your service.
    • E.B.C. does not accept personal checks.
    • E.B.C. is not responsible for lost or stolen items or items left in the shop.
    • Inappropriate language or behavior is prohibited and NO pets allowed.  
    • Because our competitive prices are based on a steady flow of clientele we strongly recommend referrals. To show our appreciation E.B.C. has an awesome referral rewards program.  For every- one client referred- you get 10% off your next service. You may use your discount per visit or save them to use them all at once.
    • Customers who are not willing to sign and accept our Store Policy will not be serviced. E.B.C. has the right not to serve you.

    Thank you,

    E.B.C. Management